On the third Sunday in May the Club holds a plowing demonstration at a suitable location, usually in central New York. Teams from New York as well as neighboring states demonstrate the art of plowing with draft horses using riding and walking plows. There are also log skidding and obstacle course competitions and the public enjoys a grand display of how it used to be.


In July, the members gather for a Club picnic usually at a member’s farm. There’s good food and lots of time to swap stories about draft horses. There’s also time for beginners to pick the brains of experienced members. Later in July, club members support the annual Hay Day held in Auburn, NY where we demonstrate raking hay with horses and the use of a stationary baler.


In 1979, the Club began sponsoring a fall sale of draft horses and equipment. The purpose of the sale is to promote New York State Draft horses and give beginners a place to buy horses and necessary equipment. The sale is held at the Cortland County Fairgrounds in Cortland, NY, the first week of October. The club charges a small commission on all sales to help offset costs.

March & April

In late March or early April the Club sponsors a Draft Horse Seminar. Topics include various aspects of horse health and management presented in lecture form. There are also a number of demonstrations and hands-on opportunities presented by Club members. Topics usually include how to show your horse, harnessing, shoeing, and a display of major draft breeds.


In June, Club members meet for a two day trail drive at Brookfield State Park. There is camping, a barbeque dinner, stories around the campfire and fun.

The New York State Draft Horse Club sponsors several projects each year designed to promote draft horses in New York.


In August, the club joins with Kings Ferry Historical Society to demonstrate how grain was cut, threshed and the straw baled in the late 1800’s. Horses pull the grain binder and the wagons that are used to transport the wheat to the thresher. There are also free horse drawn wagon rides for spectators.


In September, the club demonstrates how corn was harvested using horses. The weather is usually brilliant and spectators are welcome to join in the fun by helping load and unloading wagons with corn stalks that have been cut by horse drawn corn binders.

January & February

The first event of the year is normally (weather permitting) an old fashion ice harvest in Tully, New York. The Club joins with the Tully Historical Society to demonstrate the cutting and storage of ice. Usually, there’s an ice cream social in July which uses the harvested ice.

Calendar of Events 2024

(all subject to change)


20th -  Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 6:30PM


17th - Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 6:30PM


23th - Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 7:00PM


20th - Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 7:00PM


19th - Plow Days @ Minturn's, Sennett, NY, 10:00AM


8-9th - Trail Drive @ Brookfield


17th - Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 7:00PM

23rd - Annual Club Picnic - Rick & Sarah Jordan's @ 12:00PM


1-3rd - Empire Farm Days @ Palladino Farms

28th - 30th - NYS Fair


1st - 2nd - NYS Fair

15th - Corn Harvest @ Chip & Kathy Pratt's Farm

21st - Meeting @ TBD, 7:00PM

28th - Annual Sale Set Up


4th - Annual Cortland Sale - Cortland Fairgrounds - 8:30AM

5th - Annual Sale Clean Up

19th - Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 7:00 PM


9th - Annual Banquet - Potter's Farm to Fork @ 6:00PM


7th - Organizational Meeting @ Lafayette VFW, 6:30 PM